Run my Business Completely in the Cloud

Can you run your business in Cloud?

Since the beginning of Cloud Computing, this question always popped up for both young and successful entrepreneurs. The answer is yes. Cloud is one of the largest and most versatile technologies that began to transform web technology since from the previous decade with their wide range of resources for deploying both websites and applications.

And the major player in the cloud platform is Amazon Web Services (AWS) and we’ll help you understand how AWS helps to run your entire business in the Cloud.

Infrastructure of AWS

The magnitude of infrastructure related support and service that the AWS provides is excellent. Varying from the wide range of server configurations, operating systems, tools for application development, tools for deploying the code, database, network, storage, and security infrastructure services.

AWS Infrastructure services provide unlimited storage for data, multiple options for backup and recovery, tools for development and deployment, and less time to access the data stored within the cloud. And offer a wide range of migrations services to help you move your existing business operations into the cloud.

This is useful to slowly move away from your high-cost on-premises data center to the cloud.

AWS Business Software

AWS provides a wide range of business software for backend office services and industry standard office services, covering areas such as content management, customer relations management, and e-commerce.

AWS offers applications for data processing, data visualization, project management, business intelligence, designing, billing, and finance.

Along with such services you can bring your desktop environment into the cloud by installing your own licensed copies of software in the AWS servers for design, productivity, development, and management.

Customizing and Development in the AWS Environment

Along with the wide range of infrastructure and software services offered by AWS, you are free to customize AWS environment according to your needs.

  • Customizing EC2 : EC2’s highly scalable and resizable server makes it is easy and quick to launch multiple instances and you are free to choose any operating system. The speed and flexibility offered by EC2 make it a natural choice for deploying from small to most complex applications.
  • Lambda Services : Lambda is the serverless platform which is used for development of small-scale, standalone applications and services. Lambda-based applications can be used to run applications without the need to launch an EC2 server.
  • Snowball : If you have a large amount of data that needs to be moved to the AWS cloud, AWS offers a physical transport of data via Snowball. Snowball offers Petabyte size hardware which is used to migrate even the largest and most storage-intensive data from your on-premises data center to cloud.
Compromising with the AWS

Is there much to compromise by running my business in the cloud? Not at all, by using AWS storage gateway you can still maintain physical backups of crucial data. The truth is that you will still have the same control over infrastructure, data, and applications as compared with the on-premises data center.

Compared to an on-premises data center, attack surfaces are low in AWS as the level of virtualization that is built into the AWS infrastructure makes is extremely secure. AWS handles all the hardware related IT-service, maintenance and component replacement cost.

Companies that use AWS

It is surprising to know the companies that use AWS for all of its business operations making good use of the resources for static websites, dynamic websites, streaming online videos, media companies, business solution providers, data warehousing, data visualization, etc.

Netflix – As their own data center was destroyed, they were the early users who migrated to AWS which is proven to be disaster recovery by offering multi geolocation. Since their migration, the scaling they have achieved with AWS is outstanding.

Kellogg’s – With their worldwide operations, the Kellogg company has moved their data and storage intensive applications to AWS since their on-premises database was not keeping up.

Pinterest and Uber were both built in the AWS platform for its scalability in the EC2, unlimited storage service (S3), elimination of extra IT staffing and their price which is much lower compared to an on-premises data center.

To summarize, the services and features offered by the AWS are more than adequate to meet the standards of IT needs for any business and there is no reason to continue maintaining an on-premises data center. The flexibility to customize, the infrastructure features and the amount of security offered by AWS are exceptional and cost-efficient. All the above reasons sum up to move your existing business to the cloud.

About InterPole

InterPole was established in 1996 and engages in web hosting, email, and management of IT infrastructure. InterPole pioneered with Virtual Private Servers in 2004 and Cloud Hosting in 2008. Over the years, InterPole has worked with over 6200 mid-sized businesses and startups, and have assisted them in their journey towards the adoption of modern technologies through the Internet. InterPole is a Standard Consulting Partner of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. With this partnership, provides Managed AWS service and maintains a team of engineers who are trained and certified for the specific cloud platforms. These benefits companies in defining their cloud strategy and making a well-planned journey, reliably and cost-effectively.