Assess and Plan

To address how cloud can apply to your organisation, we help you define cloud strategies and create a migration plan.

Secure Deployment

Getting the cloud setup right for you from the start, we help you build with the right mix of services from the vast portfolio of AWS.

Workload Migration

Smooth and fast migration of your workloads to your new cloud environment, with our cloud specialists.


Supplement your workforce, by managing the cloud based ecosystem using best practices.

The InterPole Managed AWS service

Our Cloud Consulting services support clients leveraging AWS with a team of certified engineers. We take a complicated process and make it simple for your business.

The InterPole Edge

Since 1996, the founding team of InterPole has stayed focused on Hosting and Email services. We have proven our commitment to this business and industry.

Business Critical

Receive the Security, Uptime and Performance guarantees that your Mission Critical system warrants

Increase Security

Proactive monitoring of Firewalls and Intrusion detection systems helps us identify and block attacks before they result in an incident.

Dependable Support

Resolving tickets in minutes, not hours or days. And for the occasional assistance beyond our scope, we are happy to help!

Data Protection

Backup of your data to an off-site data center to circumvent loss of facility in case of a catastrophe.

Mitigate Problems

Timely software updates minimise the chances of server break-ins, and overcome vulnerability and security issues in your services.

Trusted Advisor

Unbiased advice for your use case, and not a generic or influenced advice helps you save by periodic reassessment and right sizing your solution.