Cloud Migration and Adoption

Public Cloud services such as AWS Cloud Migration Services boosts innovation and enables digital transformation. The speed, efficiency and low cost of the public cloud allow startups and enterprises to explore new ideas, without any burdens.

To maximise the benefit of the cloud, companies need to modernize their processes and bring in automation. Without this key step, companies would simply treat the cloud as a traditional data centre, thus losing on the potential benefits of the cloud.

Interpole’s Cloud Migration and Adoption steer enterprises in avoiding this pitfall and lets them accelerate their way towards cloud innovation.

Our Cloud Consulting services support clients leveraging AWS with a team of certified engineers. We take a complicated process and make it simple for your business.

AWS Standard Consulting Partner

General Cloud Adoption Scenarios

Almost every AWS migration project is carried under one of the following paradigms


Interpole experts can make your application work on the AWS infrastructure with minimal effort, ensuring your legacy applications scale seamlessly. This is the most common entry point for most.


Keeping your core application architecture intact and making tactical changes, while realizing AWS cloud optimizations, thus bringing in lower costs and increased agility. This lets you start experiencing the benefits of cloud.


Rebuild your existing applications in a native cloud environment, by re-architecting. This makes your application truly harness the power of cloud through increased scalability, business value, and performance.

Ongoing Cloud Management

Once your AWS infrastructure is up and running, we can take the trouble off your head by managing and monitoring it. We provide easy to understand AWS consulting and management plans. Our Cloud Migration and Adoption service covers the following:

  • Build / Rebuild / Migration
  • Devops Services
  • AWS Platform Management
  • Support Services
  • Admin & Maintenance Services

This provides you complete predictability to scope of services, costs and access to our team’s expertise, incorporating best practices and proactive 24×7 operational support for your AWS environment.

Partnering with Interpole & AWS

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