Bulk Mailing

Interpole provides cloud infrastructure for Transactional Email Service for Marketing, under a ready to use Software-as-a-Service model. With this service, you may send unlimited messages to unlimited users in your database, subject to the available subscription limit of your cloud hosting package. Mails send will be accounted towards your traffic utilisation

Transactional Mails

Email sent to an individual based on some action. It could be:

  • an action they took directly
  • an action they were the target of or,
  • perhaps even inaction on their part

Common examples:

  • Clients receiving ledger report for their stock trading transactions
  • Users receiving mail after buying products on your site
  • Clients receiving notification / confirmation link for their subscription

Promotional Mails

Email sent to a mailing list, with primarily common content. It could be:

  • an email sent to those who have subscribed to your mailing list,
  • an email sent to your clients,
  • an email sent to prospects interested in your services

Common examples:

  • Clients receiving a newsletter sent periodically
  • Registered prospects receiving a promotional mail
  • Companies sending annual reports to shareholders

Promotional Mail Features

A snappy, easy-to-use Web Interface awaits you, when you opt for the Promotional Mail package.

Lists & Subscribers

Manage lists & subscribers easily, mass import/delete subscribers, opt-in, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page, thank you/good bye emails, subscribe form, bounce management, etc.

Campaign Reports

Visualize opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts & data. You can also re-target accurately by exporting segments of subscribers from your report.

Custom fields

With custom fields, you can store more than just names and emails. Use custom fields as personlization tags in newsletters to create a more personalized experience with your subscribers.

Bulk 10k

Monthly 10,000 mails
Rs. 1000 per month
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists

Bulk 20k

Monthly 20,000 mails
Rs. 1700 per month
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists

Bulk 50k

Monthly 50,000 mails
Rs. 3500 per month
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists

Bulk 1L

Monthly 1,00,000 mails
Rs. 6000 per month
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists

Why Bulk Mail from Interpole

  • Zero tolerance for spammers

We do not permit use of our systems for spamming to unregistered users. Every email contact must have willingly submitted his email address to you.

  • High Mail Delivery Ratio

Due to our strict policy on spam prevention, our IP Addresses enjoy good reputation, resulting in better acceptance at other mail servers.

  • Simple Packages

All our packages are identical in features, except the mail sending limit. No data transfer or hidden charges applied.