Cloud Backup Service

Safeguard your Business Data with Automatic and Reliable Cloud Backups

You never have to worry about losing business-critical data again. Interpole’s Cloud Backup Service is suitable for all types of Business to backup and restore files from all your devices, including external hard drives, fast and easy.

Protect your data from Ransomware

In 2018 67% Indian businesses were hit by ransomware and 91% of them claimed to be running up-to-date endpoint protection when attacked.

Ransomware has been creating havoc every few months and victims have either lost their years of data or have paid ransom in Bitcoin to get their data back. Protect the data in your Desktop and avoid paying the ransom by utilizing our Cloud Backup Solution.

By using a Cloud Backup Service you can maintain multiple versions of your file, which can be used to recover from a particular date prior to ransomware attack.

7 Day Free Trial

We are offering a free trial of Cloud Backup Service for 7 days. Experience now!

External Hard Drive Cloud Sync (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) Backblaze Carbonite® Cloud Backup Service
Automatic & continuous backups
Compatible with Mac, PC, Linux
Multiple Backup sets
Configure version retention
Set CPU usage
Customize deleted file retention
Military Grade AES-256 At-Rest File Encryption

What you get from Cloud Backup Service?

Stress less backup

There’s no need for a complex IT strategy to protect and backup your business-critical files. With Interpole’s Cloud Storage Service, you don’t have to worry as your files are continuously backed up, and easy to restore, without learning a complicated, expensive tool.

IT Managers

No need to worry if your laptop was stolen, lost or threatened by ransomware. You can easily restore the data to a new computer and you’re done. No hidden costs, no time wasted. Also, your team can restore files on their own so you don’t have to.

It doesn’t always have to be disaster to recover your lost business data

You can protect your data from human error and hardware failure. But that requires a solution going beyond using external hard drives and servers or just syncing to Dropbox. To keep your data safe and your business running efficiently, you need a recovery plan you can count on.

Free yourself from worrying about failure of on-site equipment, devices that go missing, or ransomware. Our cloud backup service protects the data and restores your valuable data easy.

Ransomware Recovery

Easily restore all your files to the latest version without paying any ransom.

Dedicated Support

Support staff available by phone and email to resolve your queries.

Intelligent Backup

Our Cloud Backup Service continuously takes backup of your current working file making it easy to revert to the previous version.

Easy backup

Runs automatically in the background. Doesn’t slow you down. And No file size restrictions.

Custom Retention Policy

You control how long we keep the backup file with custom retention policy.

Restore Files from Any Computer

You can restore via browser or desktop app at no additional cost to restore your files.

Strong Encryption

256-bit AES data encryption at rest, configurable security settings, and BAA available to support HIPAA compliance needs.

7 Day Free Trial

We are offering a free trial of Cloud Backup Service for 7 days. Experience now!

Cloud Backup Space Cost (Rs.)
10 GB 5000
20 GB 10,000
100 GB 35,000
Higher than 100 GB Contact us