AWS Backup & Recovery

AWS Backup & Recovery

Block-Level Incremental

The most efficient backups available

Flexible Backup Policies

Scheduling from minutes to months

Application Consistent

No maintenance windows or downtime

Highest Availability

Full data recovery in 30-seconds (or less)

Native Technologies

Leveraging the AWS model for backup & storage

AWS Disaster Recovery

Protect your workloads on AWS from outages and failures, both large and small.

Snapshot Vault

Ensure your data is protected from regional or global outages and failures.

Cross-Account DR

Accidents, account compromises, malicious activity, malware/ransomware.

Cross-Region DR

Protection from outages & issues with instant recovery sites all around the world.

AWS Compliance & Security

We know the value you place on keeping your data (and your customers’ data) secure.

AWS provides you with the power to have near-instant access to your data. And we provide you with the cloud-native backup & recovery solution to protect it. With Cloud Protection Manager your data never leaves the cloud.

The highest level of security of ANY public cloud. Guaranteed.

As Cloud Protection Manager runs as an instance in AWS it automatically falls under their strict security and compliance standardsOur partnership with AWS means that CPM users benefit from a highly secure network and data center infrastructure. By leveraging AWS’s native snapshot capabilities you have full visibility of your backups and the ability to restore at a moment’s notice.