Zimbra On-Premise

Zimbra Mail Server delivers faster provisioning and easier administration with built-in support for high availability, disaster recovery, backup and lifecycle management, using Interpole’s professional services.

Zimbra simplifies all of those critical functions through an easy-to-use, web-based administration console that enables administraors to easily access the applications anywhere, anytime and manage access and policies for a diverse set of users.

Zimbra Highlights


Easily manage and search large inboxes of emails using folders, tags, filters and conversation views in a rich, innovative user interface.

Contact Management

Personal and global address lists that can be shared across the organization.

Group Calendars

Maximize productivity with a robust calendar designed for the enterprise that includes a group scheduling wizard for large meetings.

Simplified Administration

Simplified task-oriented AJAX Web Administration Console enables anywhere administration.

Essential Mobility

Use IMAP email and mobile web browser for any device.

Desktop Clients

POP / IMAP email on any client link Microsoft Outlook , Thunderbird or Zimbra Desktop

Why replace your legacy mail server

You've got the answer if you reply Yes for 3 or more of these questions

Are you facing delays in receiving email, because your legacy mail server polls mails every few minutes?

Most on-premise mail servers pull mail from a remotely hosted mail account every few minutes, in a single threaded fashion. Large mail attachments received by one user can cause pile up of mails of all other users. Moreover, till one sequence of mail polling does not complete, the next sequence cannot resume. This can lead to cascading effect of delayed mail downloads.

Interpole’s default implementation handles this by setting up concurrency of mail downloads through multiple threads. Additionally, mails are pushed by our global mail receptor to your server, rather than waiting for your on-premise server to poll periodically. Your incoming mails thus reach you by a magnitude faster than your legacy server.

Are your mails not reaching the recipients because their servers refuse to accept mails from your IP Address?

Most broadband and leased line IP addresses are blacklisted and mails from such IP are not considered to be genuine by majority of email servers. We overcome this by relaying your mail via our smarthosts, which maintain high reputation. Our default implementation on-premise handles this, without any change to your end-user configurations.

Are you suspecting leakage of confidential information from your network to outsiders?

A number of incidents of information leakage are attributed to a disgruntled employee sending out confidential information, or intentionally deleting email correspondences.

Interpole’s implementation includes Archive Vault which lets you track all email flowing in and out of your organisation. Even if a user deletes a mail from his mailbox, the Archive Vault will forever retain a copy as per your retention settings.

Are outbound spam mails being generated from your domain?

Email accounts often fall victim to network viruses, that leak your passwords to external spammers. They then access your mail box and use it send out spam mails, or may even read your mails and cause financial fraud.

Interpole’s default implementation includes SSL security for your mail server, which encrypts all communication between your devices and server. This eliminates the possibility of desktop or network based malicious software from compromising your account details.

Are you concerned that the failure of your mail server hardware or a catastrophic event may lead to data loss and downtime?

Interpole provides a backup and disaster recovery option, using which a hot, warm or cold backup system can be maintained. This helps you get up and running much faster, with minimal loss of data according to the backup plan chosen.

Do your users need to login with multiple passwords within your network?

User accounts on mail server are not in sync with your domain controller. You need to manually maintain accounts at multiple places, and users find it difficult to manage two different password lifecycle policies.

Interpole’s deployment includes LDAP/Active Directory authentication. With this, access to your email accounts is based on the centralised domain controller.

Do you need to buy new user licences every time users are added? Are you concerned on the increasing costs?

Interpole’s On-premise solution includes Unlimited User Account and Domain Name creation. Our support cost remains fixed, irrespective of the quantity of users active on your system. Your maintenance costs are fixed to one low value.

Is your legacy mail vendor unable to provide responsive support and proactive monitoring?

Interpole’s Rock-solid support is comprehensive and continually monitors the health of your mail server. Our team is standing by for any assistance that you need.

Are your mails inaccessible from smartphones and tablets? Do you face problems accessing Webmail from these devices?

Our full featured IMAP server ensures your mobile devices can communicate efficiently.

Rock Solid InterPole Support

Interpole provides monitoring and management of infrastructure and performs regular maintenance to ensure availability and performance.
  • HTTP /Webmail Services monitoring
  • Mail POP/ SMTP / IMAP Service monitoring
  • Mail Delivery Log Checking and Reporting
  • Installation of monitoring agents
  • Email Alerts in case of any failures
  • Server health (CPU, Memory, Disk, Swap) monitoring
  • Patches and software upgrades
  • Backup management
  • Email based trouble ticketing
  • Telephonic and Online Chat based support