Security and Optimisation

Visualize and understand every tiny detail across your entire cloud infrastructure from our all-in-one cloud management platform. Our analytics tool gives you 360-degree visibility and granular insights into each one of your accounts by services, regions, resource tags and much more.

Single Pane of Glass
Service-wise Analysis
Region-wise Analysis
Data Transfer Analysis

360° visibility into your entire cloud infra and billing trends with hourly-level granularity. Control your cost leaks and drive cost efficiency.

Integrated Reporting & Budgeting
Anomaly Detection
Cost Projection
Service Limits

Deep dive into all your cloud services and bend your cloud towards much more viable costs with resource utilization at its best.

Resource Rightsizing
Reserved Instance (RI) Planner

We ensure 100% cost allocation across your entire cloud infra and help you keep track of each penny you spend on cloud.

Make your entire infrastructure compliant with over 250 health checks and useful recommendations for cloud security, performance optimization and fault tolerance.
Security Audit
Fault Tolerance
Performance Optimization


On-demand Product Customization

Infra Assessment

Customer Adoption

Billing Support

Cost Effectiveness

No-Vendor Lock-In