Top Tools for Migrating applications to Cloud

Top Tools for Migrating applications to Cloud
If you are having an on-premises infrastructure which is taking up your time and money, and if you are considering to migrate to the cloud, then you are at the right place. But in order to achieve cloud migration successfully, one has to overcome the hurdles.

The most known hurdle that is stopping business from migrating to the cloud is that one might feel like too much of hassle and you may be worried about the downtime disrupting your business as well as losing money while migrating to cloud.

But the good news is, that you can easily migrate to the cloud using cloud migration tools.

You’re at the right place to know different types of Cloud Migration Tools.

Top Six cloud migration tools that you need to know:
  • AWS Database Migration Service
    Ever since the launch of Amazon Web Service in 2006, they are coming up with new technologies and features to enhance the AWS experience. If your organization relies heavily on the database for their daily operations and business growth, then migrating to AWS is simple. Amazon’s AWS offers top-notch database migration tool.They have designed this tool by considering the most common challenges faced by the organization while migrating to the cloud and solved it. Amazon listens to customer feedback and then implements it. That’s what they do.For Example, Heterogenous migrations from one platform to another are difficult. While there are a lot of cloud platforms to consider, the AWS Database Migration Service enables businesses to move between two platforms with ease.If you are worried about downtime then the below quote from Amazon is definitely for you.

    “The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database.”

    AWS Database Migration Service tool offers easy to use user interface and a robust infrastructure running on Amazon’s proven cloud computing platform.

  • VM Import/Export

Amazon’s VM Import/Export is an excellent tool to migrate from your existing infrastructure to AWS cloud. Using this tool one can easily export the virtual machine images from your existing on-premises data center and import into the AWS cloud environment.

This feature enables you to utilize the existing configurations that are set up in the virtual machine to meet the compliance requirement, IT security, and configurations by importing to the virtual machine in Amazon EC2.

The advantage of using VM Import/Export is that it is available at no additional charges, and the cost is applicable only for the usage of Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.

  • Cloudscrape
    You know that the cloud offers a powerful mechanism to improve the stability and performance of your applications. But, you have no idea how to integrate it into your business.Well, here’s where Cloudscrape tool helps you to identify the first steps of cloud migration. Cloudscrape starts by measuring the information revolving around your business, determines which data fits where and organizes it in a better way. The benefit that you’re getting out of CloudScrape is that the data will be better organized which was once scattered around.Once the seven-day analysis is completed, Cloudscrape will help you compare prices between different cloud services that will help you improve your business. After implementing one of the cloud services, you can measure the performance of your business deployed in the cloud.
  • ScienceLogic
    Even though you are having a sound technical knowledge of cloud migration, you need more data to make final decisions. ScienceLogic is a cloud migration tool that offers in-depth IT data analysis and monitoring.ScienceLogic is easy to use and quick to deploy. You don’t have to waste additional time and resources by using ScienceLogic. Below is the quote from the ScienceLogic:

    “One consistent and intuitive UI, one data store, one operational platform—no agents to deploy, no additional modules to integrate, no version dependencies.”

    At first, you get a basic understanding of the way your business operates and determine how to classify network activity. Second, you monitor the system and create a visual map of the dependencies. And finally, use this information to implement cloud-based strategies to free up your staff.

  • AppDynamics
    The business dependant on the customer for their digital operation would like to utilize cloud computing services. But at the same time, they cannot risk downtime and face a negative impact on the customer’s experience.The AppDynamic tool helps in tracking the user experience by utilizing their “End User Monitoring” to show how third-party apps can affect the performance. They track every instance of a crash or page load delays and looks for trends to help you fix issues that could cost you, customers.With inbuilt Business IQ system, you can also see how much money you lose due to the mobile app crashes, browser glitches, and much more. One can create a Win-Win situation for both the customers and business using AppDynamics.
  • DynaTrace
    DynaTrace is an application performance management system that offers a unique set of interesting features. DynaTrace has a top market share as an APM provider.Their very foundation service is comprehensive data analytics. Using DynaTrace, you can look for dependencies in application stack, measure the rate at which the users are picking up on new features, and identifying root cause well before they cause problems to the customers.Another interesting feature to brag bout DynaTrace is its AI-powered Assistant, Davis. Davis is available 24×7 to provide support for questions about the tools.
  • Best Cloud Migration Tool
    To be honest, the best tool for cloud migration is not available in the market yet. And the tool is not the only thing that is going to be helpful. Because each organization has different infrastructure and different goals to achieve to be able to achieve success in Cloud Migration. It is very crucial to put in more effort in the early planning stage to determine which services in on-premises can fit perfectly in the cloud.Collaborating with the AWS Managed Service Providers such as InterPole technologies, one can benefit by identifying potential blockers for migration to the cloud. InterPole Technologies is an Amazon Standard Consulting Partner whose expertise is in early planning, assessing the underlying infrastructure, and identifying the dependencies. This saves time, money, and there’s no room for downtime.

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