Domain Registration Services Addendum

The following Domain Registration Addendum is applicable to you if you purchase/use domain registration services.

Please review the below in addition to the Privacy Policy.

1. Registration Data Collection

When you purchase Domain Registration services, following data (collectively, the “Registration Data”) is required (under this service contract) in order to provide you the service.

  1. Name, Organisation (if available), postal address, e-mail address and phone number of the domain name holder (the Registrant);
  2. Name, Organisation (if available), postal address, e-mail address and phone number of the administrative contact for the domain name;
  3. Name, Organisation (if available), postal address, e-mail address and phone number of the technical contact for the domain name;
  4. Name, Organisation (if available), postal address, e-mail address and phone number of the billing contact for the domain name; and
  5. Names and IP addresses of the primary nameserver and secondary nameserver(s) for the domain name;

At the time renewal of your domain name registration, the type of information you are required to provide may have changed. If you do not wish to provide the new required information, your domain name registration may not be renewed.

Further, you represent and warrant that, if you are registering domain name for a third party or providing contact information of a third party in Registration Data, you have notified the third party of the disclosure and the purpose for the disclosure and you have obtained the third party’s consent for use of their contact information & such disclosure.

2. Disclosure of Registration Data

  1. Disclosure to sponsoring Registrar, Registries and Backend Service Provider
    Interpole is a sub-reseller of Tucows. Interpole offers Domain Registration Service via Tucows and uses Tucow’s HRS platform to offer .IN domain names under it’s own accreditation.
    For .IN TLD domain names, where Sponsoring Registrar is Interpole (IANA 1487), Registration Data is shared by Interpole with Tucows and in turn, with NIXI (.IN Registry) through Tucows HRS platform. For domain names, where Sponsoring Registrar is not Interpole, Registration Data is shared by Interpole with Tucows (Sponsoring Registrar) (IANA : 69).
  2. Permitted Disclosures
    Sponsoring Registrar may be required to share data with particular Registry if required by contract. As per ICANN rules, Sponsoring Registrars and the Registry Operator are required to archive Registrant’s information with a third-party escrow service.
    Each sponsoring Registrar or Registry Interpole shares data with (directly or indirectly), have their own obligation to comply with applicable data privacy laws.
    Registration Data may be disclosed when required by the rules, regulations and policies of sponsoring Registrar, respective Registry and ICANN, including but not limited to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and .IN registry’s INDRP
    You acknowledge and agree that ICANN and the Registry Administrators may establish guidelines, limits and/or requirements that relate to the amount and type of information that the Registrar may or must make available to the public or to private entities, and the manner in which such information is made available. Further, you hereby consent to any and all such disclosures and use of, and guidelines, limits and restrictions on disclosure or use of, information provided by you in connection with the registration of a domain (including any updates to such information), whether during or after the term of your registration of the domain. Moreover, you hereby irrevocably waive any and all claims and causes of action that may arise or have arose from such disclosure or use of your Registration Data.
  3. Public WHOIS
    As mandated by ICANN and various registries, domain registrars are required to make certain domain Registration Data available and accessible to the public through WHOIS Service operated by respective TLD registrar or registry.
    The WHOIS Service is a publicly accessible database that lists Registration Data of domain names along with registration date, expiry date, name servers, domain status, etc.
    As on date of this document, only Organisation Name and Geographic Territory from the Registration Data along with other domain registration detail is published. However this may change in future.
  4. Third party service providers
    Interpole uses 3rd party SMS service providers to send you SMS alerts of Domain expiry. Only domain name, domain’s expiration date and your mobile no is shared.
  5. Legal Requirements
    Interpole and Sponsoring Registrars shall have the right, at its sole discretion and without liability to Registrant/Customer/Reseller, to reveal Registrant Data and WHOIS Information under one of the following circumstances :

    • when required by law;
    • in the good faith belief that disclosure is necessary to further determination of an alleged breach of a law;
    • to comply with a legal process served upon Interpole;
    • to avoid financial loss or legal liability;
    • to third-party who has a legitimate legal reason to access that data;
    • to resolve any and all third party claims including but not limited to ICANN’s or a Registry’s dispute resolution policy; or
    • if Interpole believes that the Registrant is using the domain name for illegal, illicit, objectionable or harmful activities or to transmit spam, viruses, worms or other harmful computer programs.

3. Use of your Registration Data

Interpole only processes (uses) your Registration Data for the purpose of facilitating the domain name registration/renewal/transfer/management, to provide customer support to you or to customer/reseller from whom you have purchased domain name services and other purposes mentioned in this addendum.

Interpole and sponsoring Registrar will use Name, Organisation Name and Email addresses associated with your domain names to communicate with you, send you notifications or conduct verifications as required by rules, regulations and policies of ICANN and other registries, which includes, but not limited to following :

  1. WHOIS verification;
  2. Registrant Verification
  3. Domain Expiry Notices
  4. Security updates

We also may use your registration data to contact you concerning any dispute related to your domain name, or for verification purposes to make sure no one else is accessing your domain.