Why use a Managed Service Provider for Cloud migration

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Cloud Managed Service Providers Advantages

Many organizations are migrating their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud with the steady growth and advantages to gain from. The Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who have expertise in building and managing cloud services help the organization in the cloud transformation by partnering with them.

Cloud MSPs have expertise in cloud computing, storage, networking, cloud security, application stacks, performance testing, IT health monitoring, reporting, infrastructure migration, recovery, change management and much more to ensure business continuity.

Why use Cloud Managed Service Provider for Cloud Migration?

It is not an easy task to maintain and ensure the ideal functioning of your cloud environment after migrating it to the cloud. You need a medium who can understand the cloud environment and tools required to optimize.

Depending on the IT needs, Cloud Managed Service Providers can help organizations beyond the migration process by providing performance testing reporting, monitoring, maintenance, backup and recovery services on an ongoing basis.

Before Cloud, organizations had to maintain separate teams for server admin, storage admin, virtualization team, network admin, and data center ops team. This is singled out by just using Cloud Managed Service Providers.

Benefits of Cloud Managed Service Providers.

Let’s see how an organization can benefit from using Cloud Managed Service Providers in the below list :

  • Cost Savings : You can control and reduce the expensive network maintenance costs by utilizing cloud’s managed services. Having a full-time staff to manage and maintain the IT department becomes expensive for a small to medium-sized enterprise. The good news is that you can save thousands of dollars each year if you decide to outsource your IT environment to a Cloud MSP such as Interpole Technologies.
  • Fast Response Time : With enterprise-level monitoring, your organization will receive quick response times. Cloud MSPs can access, monitor and repair any issues remotely. If the issues have to be resolved locally then a technician can be sent within the same business day.
  • Future Proof Technology : Undergoing digital transformation is the key to future-proofing technology. Migrate your on-premises data center to cloud environment by utilizing the latest technology and services available to your business needs. If an in-house IT staff is hired to manage the cloud environment, one has to keep up with the latest technology and spend the company’s time. By using Interpole Managed Service you can save both time and money since the cloud technicians are already prepared to deploy and manage the latest technologies.
  • Security : Security is crucial for any business. If the security is not strong enough, hackers will find their way in and breach your IT environment and steal most or all the data. Security breaches cost money and the customer’s trust which can put a black dot on the brand reputation. Partnering with the Cloud MSPs can bring value to the organization as they have both expertise and experience in managing the cloud environment. Cloud MSPs are competent at deploying, developing, implementing, and managing the security controls.
  • Fixed Recurring Monthly Expense : By using Cloud MSP, you decide on how much you are willing to pay for the IT service and still have a steady monthly bill.
  • Custom and Integrated Service : Cloud Managed Service Providers are flexible as they offer payment methods such as pay-per-service or payment plans for different enterprise depending on the business needs.
    Some cloud managed services offer converged solution such as security protection, network monitoring or setting up new services. Converged Solution offers further cost savings.
  • Centralized Network Services and Applications : The cloud-managed providers manage all the applications and servers in the central data center. Using a centralized network service, the remote network user can access the data with the same network, build storage and back up into a centralized network.
  • Performance Monitoring : Depending on the agreement, cloud managed service provider continuously monitor the performance of your cloud IT environment. Due to continuous monitoring and taking precautions beforehand has reduced the cost of downtime has significantly reduced.
    Cloud Managed Service Partners effectively use best-of-breed tools for application monitoring, alerts, and server monitoring.
  • Coverage of all Services : Cloud Managed Service Providers offer better control over performance, service levels and maintenance. The service-level agreement offers service continuity. The longer you hold the partnership with a cloud MSP, the more familiar they become with your network, in turn, provide a faster solution to issues.
  • Disaster/Recovery Management : Disaster Recovery is the primary services offered by the cloud MSPs where business continuity is essential even during massive outages. All the cloud MSPs design the cloud environment to be fault tolerant to maintain the business continuity and ensuring all the data is stored securely in multiple locations.



While a range of benefits is offered by Cloud Managed Service Providers, the organization also gets to select from a range of services when partnering with the Cloud MSP. Take advantage of cloud MSP without taking on the responsibility and managing cloud deployment. Cloud MSPs can significantly balance your in-house resources with access to their technical expertise.

Interpole Technologies are the experts in the Cloud Services and offers exceptional AWS Managed Service.

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